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I'm fully 17 years old!!! YAY! Well, 17 and a half. Trying to get himself straight. :D Wanna learn to drive this year :D Want to pass my SC!!! 3 credits! :D


I always Love LiverpoolFC
I'm a real big crazy football fan. Don't get me wrong :D



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All by M3 hard work..lol Hey Don't PLay PLay

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 @ 10:07 PM
Is it over?

So I finally finished my SC. I thought i did very badly especially English. Others were okay. There will be limited chances for me to go college. I have no idea what im gonna do next. English really pissed me off...FCKING POEM. WHO THE FCK IS PAPA??! And freaking essays. The multiple choices always have similar answers. I had hard time doing that as well. =.=
What to do with my life? I studied almost 6 hours a day and i still cant do well. My brain is fcked. I HATE MYSELF! I HATE MYSELF!!! TT
All my friends looked down at me all the time. All the girls think I'm immature in class. I tried to change! Hopefully u guys can look into me further/know me well. Or I am completely hopeless.
Im stressed out! I AM! I am scared of my SC's results!
I ain't wanna my parents to be disappointed at me again! Especially my grandma. I really want her to be healthy as ever! Im not that kind of person that hurts everyone feelings. I never intended to do so.
Ohh...i had mentioned to talk about my vietnam trip after my SC? Screw that...nothing much. It was an emotional trip.

End of my writing

* Hands off keyboard *