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All by M3 hard work..lol Hey Don't PLay PLay

Sunday, December 28, 2008 @ 6:07 PM
Christmas in Neway

It is sad that Christmas was 3 days ago. OVER! T.T
Can't Christmas get any longer?
Anyway..I was late to write this post
Last year I celebrated Christmas with my parent in Bayview hotel (penang)
This year, My family and my cousins were in Neway to celebrate our Christmas Party!
It wasn't that good but at lease something better to celebrate.
LKM wasnt there cos she went to Cameroon Highland to celebrate with her family. SAd.

When we reached there,
My parent have some complaining about the system in Neway.
My dad said there were some promotion for discounts..something like that, I'm not really clear.
They didnt really care much..I saw their faces were angry..
So I'm really worried that they will do something stupid or other things cos
My dad and MOm mouths really something -.-
But At the end..there were some laughter around though.

Let me explain Neway..
It was a great place
Bigger than Red Box alot alot of times
Fantastic Foods
All the rooms most likely bigger than Red Box
Songs also better than Red Box I think..
I can say the service was quiet good
They help U to take your food to your room
But it was more expensive than REd Box. wtf -.-

We sang alot of songs. Old songs, New songs, plenty and Plenty..
We sang till non stop..
But at the end..it made my throat dry..

Since the foods were so Darn good..
We non stop taking it..
Which we couldn't finish it all in the end..lol
We left so many foods on the table omg..lol

Just a sample food.
Kinda blur..my bad.
Cos The room was a dark one and I cant really take it Properly.

My dad and Mom singing together happily^^

This is my Two BIG Cousins
Steven FOO and Carina FOo lol
They already so Big liao..OMG

We Just cant stop singing..We were like drunk lol

Ya..My cousin, bro, sis, m3

Another one of us group photo..

Miss Christmas T_T

see ya..

End of post

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 @ 8:48 PM
Christmas Eve

Hello Everyone..
Well..first of all [Happy Holiday To everyone]
Today is Christmas Eve
So exciting!! Haha..
Wow..can't believe is already one year d. :D FOR ME
When I came back from SA to M'sia for vacation for 3 weeks. lol
Well I think this Christmas was kinda of Boring..
Anyway..It is the best to go to Western Country for Your holiday during Christmas
cos U can Experience the winter and Christmas experience over there.
The children and adults sing Christmas Songs to everyone in the Church. lol
I really like the Christmas song alot.
It make U relax and release ur whole stretch that U had.
I wonder do Santa Claus come to M'sia?
Neh..dun think so. lol
so Happy Merry Christmas Everyone.
I'm gonna Stay till 12am for the count down. lol

End of Post

Saturday, December 20, 2008 @ 7:06 PM
Tropicana City Mall (Weird) -.-

Now this day I'm feeling kinda lazy to write blog.
Saya Tak tau..just being lazy..
And The Holiday stinks...
NO where to go for vacation..
Maybe Genting..but still stinks..
About my trip yesterday to Tropicana.
It is a new Shopping mall located in ___
Weird shopping mall..
First..My dad doesnt know where the entrance was.
He U turned and Used the long cut into it.

When I walked in the mall..I already felt that the place got a weird design.
HaHAHa..the funny thing was, When I walked into the entrance..
Were alot of small shops and few people walking around too.

It tricked me..I thought the shopping mall suppose to be this small.
Just like that tall.
But When u got another level up..I can see it perfectly.

Actually..got alot of free present if U go buy 300 above.
I got 3 free bag..
Inside the bag got umbrella, poster, Christmas Hat..

After walked into the another direction..then I can see the whole place clearly.
It is a beautiful place. lol..
Nice Christmas decoration^.^
Well..obviously not this pic..
I forgot to take the decoration.

Actually it is like Sunway Pyramid.
Alot of Small small shop
A tall Mall.

Wow..that is interesting
Got Feffy's kids spa..

After Tropicana mall..
I went to somewhere that I dunno..

I went to Shyet -Lis's restaurant to have my lunch...
I dont really take much photos..
no food taken.

Nice Restaurant there.
Very good Chinese Restaurant.

The foods was extremely nice.
I took Fried Rice..Dang Nice.

A Japanese Newspaper.

Nice weather though.
Havent seen this kind of weather for so long.
It just reminded me of SA.

The Clouds surrounded the Mountain behind.

And..got a very nice mountains as well.

On my way back..
Kinda Blur..
Oh..something wrong. -.-''

On my way back..saw Mont Kiara international School
(American School)
Haiz..I cant go into this school.
My dad tried to register for me b4 I came back...
Darn..same thing again..
Well..never mind..Very far away from my house..
I know I have no chance.

Today Night..Got Game..
LiverpoolFC versus ArsenalFC
Could be exciting.
Hope Liverpool can win..
Finger cross!!

End of Post

Thursday, December 18, 2008 @ 3:27 PM
LiverpoolFC SPREAD FESTIVE CHEER AT ALDER HEY (Liverpool, England)

LiverpoolFC boys went to play the role of Santa as they delivered presents, posed for pictures and signed autographs for kids who, sadly, face the prospect of spending the Christmas period in hospital.
I kinda felt bad for them *The Patience* T.T
The boys were also felt bad for them when they visited them.
They gave out their books for those kids and jerseys as well.
They also thought them how to read or write.
It can be heartbreaking when you know that a lot of these kids will be in hospital for Christmas. It's a difficult time but hopefully they can cheer them up.
When you come to hospital and see the kids you really really feel sorry for them and their parents. T_T
Though..I was happy with them,
They went to visit them before Christmas. &
They can spent their quality time for them. ^^

This is nice^^

So cute =D

Teaching how to read


Giving Teddy Bear [aww]

The nurses/doctors with the boys.

The whole group

End of post