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I'm fully 17 years old!!! YAY! Well, 17 and a half. Trying to get himself straight. :D Wanna learn to drive this year :D Want to pass my SC!!! 3 credits! :D


I always Love LiverpoolFC
I'm a real big crazy football fan. Don't get me wrong :D



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All by M3 hard work..lol Hey Don't PLay PLay

Monday, November 24, 2008 @ 6:22 PM
My Football Life!!

My Football Life!!
Ytd went to 1 Utama with my cousins. So happy to meet them again. They all went to college and rarely see them again until Chinese New Year. So ytd was the right date to meet them. OMG..My cousin gone fatter and fatter every year..my goodness.
So unusual.
KM, m3, m3's sister, m3 cousins went there.
It was kind of fun..but kinda bored cos we have to walk the whole shopping complex. The new wing and the old wing the whole time.wtf -.-''''So i saw the Maxis advertise for the football toy. U'll get a toy and a note book for every RM30 top up. So i bought the RM 30 top up.

I got free Fernando Torres (liverpool) toy..I kept it as my souvenir. lol
his a cool player

Look alike? lol

We took a family photo with our team. LOL!..
all of us support LIVERPOOL FC!!! h3h3 YEA!

Does Gerrard look alike? I think a little bit..except the hair..
Gerrard and his wife..pretty couple^^

URGH!! Rio Ferdinand..wat a total loser! Bad temper and a bad defender..lol
Actually i didnt hate them so much..jz because alot of MU fans looked down and accused Liverpool..so tats y..

Ronaldo sucks too! Always pretend so innocent but inside is evil..h3h3h3h3
But his skills like the best of the best..
All thumbs down.

at the end..jz taking the whole star footballer. ^^
I'm gonna to name out every player from the pic
the Player Personality. Lets start from where i was standing..

[Steven Gerrard (Good)]
A really good boy and he can play real football.

[Rio Ferdinand(bad)]
Cannot play real football..bad temper and bad defender..

[Fabregas (good)]
Good Boy and can play football

[ Wayne Rooney ]
(Average but very bad boy)

[Peter Cech (Average)]
very good goalkeeper.

[Ronaldo(Good) ]
Good skills in football but very bad personality.

[ ballack (Average) ]
No idea ''

[Fernando Torres(gud)
Very good boy..can score alot of cool goals!

Frank Lampard (good)
Good person like Gerrard..but his like a Iron man that rarely get injury.

Sunday, November 23, 2008 @ 5:11 PM

Wedding Dinner
Ytd went to my friend wedding dinner. Opps srry, i mean my friend's cousin wedding Dinner. lol
It was located in Sunway Hotel. (West lake garden) The very expensive hotel.
Wow..i walked the whole place in Sunway cos i dont even know where is the West Lake Garden was. Last 2 month i stayed in Sunway hotel..and it was cheaper than West lake garden. So i was confused which one was it. Phone calls after Phone calls came. Then finally found the place. -.-
KK..so the place was like a palace O.O
Dang beautiful place to be in. My first visit in that place and it was so high class. Well..I didnt wear so formally. Luckily every teenage i met turned out wearing (style) just like me..so i have no worries.. lol
The food was very nice as well but some were like going to *vomit*
So it was average.
Thousand of people came and congratulated the bride and the bride groom.
Guess what? This is my schedule.
6.00PM: I arrived in Sunway and tried to find the place. I Met alot of people. 7.00PM: Went inside and waited the bride to come in. And waited everyone to sit down and waited the food to come! HUNGRY! 8.30PM: The whole 1 & half hour, they talked the speeches and dancing thingy and alot..and The food finally came! My goodness. 10.30PM: Two hours of eating, chatting, Entertainment, and so on...And it was time to go. I havent even finish my food yet but no choice..my parent need me to go that time. So my 2 friend just company me bck to the Starbuck where i met my parent lo.. THX GUYS! =D

This is the Bride and the Bride Groom..

This is the drawing..very nice.^^

Outside the hall. Every people comin...Thats where i met my friends and the the bride.


Inside the hall..wow..it was magnificent. The light kept changing and changing everytime.
U see like from Red to Blue then Others colors.

U see there? Differences?

Can see the band? Is a Live Band and there got alot of Big TV screen everywhere.
So People dont have to see hardly.

This chocolate was already on the table and i thought it was cute.

Get ready.

Man..this is a horrible food i eaten ever! eww!!
Maybe i cant adept to the real Chinese food.
But some was nice..
It seem like every half & hour, every different dishes came. SLOW!
But The waiter and waitress were so good, they helped us to get the food instead of us talking the food for ourselves. thx=)

The food was taking too long so i just came out to see some beautiful in the hotel at nite.

Tama and Wan Ling (Ming Feng's Sis)

The group photo..thats so much of us.

this kind of blur..it was taken by the camera man.

M3, Wan Ling, Ming Feng.

Oh man..

Good food and good place to eat and stay. lol..i wish can come here again! lol

Saturday, November 22, 2008 @ 2:26 PM

Chinese Restaurant Lunchtime!
Yahoo..well today went to the Chinese Restaurant in Hotel Equatorial. It was a very good meal but all the ah muo people being dumb. Walao..it was dang noob cos the first thing in the bus that annoyed me the worst is the racist comment through my ear..the F'ckers called us (Us Chinese) so-called a bad words for us, they said in front of us or something..we were very angry and talked back to them with Chinese! h3h3.. so they cant understand us!
haiz..cant believe it..i studied in my AISJ school was so perfect..now in this school, all racism going on OMG! Man..I dont want this thing to be happen.
How to tell teacher? no choice..the teachers also racist la..NOOB! >(
Still got 1 very dumb thing they do..
When the waiter/waitress brought the foods to the table..all the ah muo people ate like UFO like that, it was so humiliating that they have no table manners. OMG O.O
They took the foods like fruits or others without any spoon or fork. walao eh..
Wow..I cant believe i expose all my hard feeling that i kept in so long d. lol

OK..now this Hotel got alot of different foods. I'm Lovin it. The hotel was very nice and big..
alot of rich people. Wow!
The foods was very fantastic. Very fresh.
All of us squeeze in one small table..cham..but at lease can eat la..
It was very expensive though - (RM55) per person to enter.

This Picture was taken by my teacher..all my classmate very cute.
I think my Chinese teacher gone too far and brought a cake for us to celebrate.
But it doesnt matter..WE ENJOYED IT!


M3, Wan Ling (Ming Feng's Sis) Ming Feng
Well..ytd was so good
My friend Ming Feng invited me to Starhill to eat a special dinner..h3h3..
We went to Jogoya restaurant..
also another best restaurant. It is a Japanese restaurant. I'm lovin it!
It is a very expensive restaurant, but got alot of business. NOn stop of queuing up.
I Non stop eating, TOO MANY FOODS TO EAT. :P lol
anyway..THX MING FENG!!!!!! I MEAN VERY MUCH!!!!!! ^.^

Oh ya..I'm going to a wedding party by myself in Sunway..h3h3..^^
Dunoo what i'm going to wear..lol
going to take a lot of photo..h3h3

Monday, November 17, 2008 @ 6:56 PM
Miss High School

Miss High school
Not going to complain much about it.
I repeated Year 8 - [Form 2]
well..actually i'm suppose in year 9 - [Form 3]
I slow My SMK 1 friends = 1 year
I slow My AISJ friends = half year
haiz..i thought i can finish faster and move on..
I used to say [Bye Bye Middle School, HELLO High school ] Miss this part.
Australia School start school in Jan same as Malaysia Government school but American school start in August! And I have no choice to repeat another half year..

Well, it had past so long d..I think i can forget about this thing d..cos I have good friends in Year 8..i'm happy here =)
K..I don't want to interfere this thing again, is kinda annoyed me every time when this thing came through my mind. :(
I love this photo very much!
wow..what a great photo it was. haha..

In AISJ - MY previous school
Miss the graduation day!!
Man..I miss this girl [Stephanie] - sat behind me that girl.

yar..a bunch of emos..haha..jkjkjk..
Miss them!

Is kinda Blur blur..it doesnt really matter. =)

Darian, Nathan, Yannick, M3..lol
This picture is kinda weird..i dunno why..I felt it. lol

WOW..this is cool..i remember when i look at the camera blurry without focusing. lol
A bunch of gangsta! lol

Well..about my day today..not really a bad day..just raining non stop..OMG.
Hate Malaysia weather..so dang noob. I thought can play soccer but it turned out RAINING!
& I purposely wear the Liverpool jersey to school..but never mind..i'm gonna wear it tml..lol..
gtg..going to do the stupid M.U.N project! jkjk lol