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I'm fully 17 years old!!! YAY! Well, 17 and a half. Trying to get himself straight. :D Wanna learn to drive this year :D Want to pass my SC!!! 3 credits! :D


I always Love LiverpoolFC
I'm a real big crazy football fan. Don't get me wrong :D



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All by M3 hard work..lol Hey Don't PLay PLay

Sunday, March 30, 2008 @ 8:18 PM

Previously story
Continue ytd trip...tis is all de hotel i stayed during my trip...some very old & some very modern..i count de total hours around de SA..is (30min)!!!....wah...no wonder got car sick..n my leg oso cramp coz my coach keep telling everybody run run run run run..hate it..my muscle cant stand it oso..
see tis pic...i cant explain too much...LOL!!

wah...so late oready...

on de way to de....

de mountain...OMG!!..beautiful.

then pass by de ocean..

then my dad's car tire no air oready...actually is not..is fine..

Finally reached....

2 dogs....so cute..

tis is de apartment...so modernize..^^

tis is another plac3..but dun hav de pic of the hotel..

then after de place....i stayed in another B&B...de way bck to my home...

tis dog is very very dog....it jz remind me of my dog...i miss him..T_T

wah!..2 of them are surrounding me...LOL!

de dog lik to dance...wakakakakaka

i think tats all..tml i will write again..^^

Saturday, March 29, 2008 @ 4:00 PM

Long Drive Around SA
Tat time my dad took us to de Garden route during my holiday...8 hours drive..die loo...my leg oso pengsan lo...haiz...but i saw alot of beautiful mountain tat i nvr seen b4 in M'sia....so nature..I LOVE IT!!! de 1st B&B(Bed&Breakfast) we suppose to stay but de owner father died so they nid to close de place...sadness..i saw they r so sad, upset..n so on..so cham..so we stay another 1 B&B...so old de place...de building was build since 1870 something lik tat..so scard..i tot they r serious killer..coz i saw alot of show i mean horror show...dang...but is ok..de owner was very friendly..
then de next day drove 6 hours..wah..another pain again...we drove to Knaysna..(duno how to spell)..is nearby de ocean..so beautiful..stayed there 2 nights..very comfortable..then another hour...reach another hotel...is lik heaven hotel...can see waterfall n de water flew to de ocean...wah...so beautiful..^^..then another 7 hours drive to another B&B..then de next day going bck home...
then until 6.00pm..finally reached de B&B..haiz...
then de next day..another 6 hours...wah..die lo...
then suddenly de police stopped my dad for checking passport..they thought we r tourism..then fine my dad for not regonize de passport...they hav no brains...stupid stupid stupid him...got 1 fatty..so LCLY..WTF!...finally reached home...i thought it took forever..
k tis is all de pic i took..beautiful view...from nature..

tis is de map..

neh..tis fatty who stopped my dad..n fine him for not regonize de passport..F'cker..hate him so much..we spend an hour in de police station for ntg..fine my dad bout 500R..= (RM250)..n he so LCLY..wear sit belt oso my dad helped him...when he sat my dad's car..de whole car almost upside down...

went up there...see all de land...big man..

tis mountain is lik a head wif eyes. nose, n mouth..wakakakaka


all de small cities..jz lik de ants cities..


i took tis nearby de ocean..

tis is de way to de ocean..big n beautiful moutain...

then reached de hotel...is jz lik heaven right?^^

i think tats it...all i nid to say for my holiday...haha...bb

Friday, March 28, 2008 @ 11:37 PM

wah..so fast ah...last week my sister came to SA..n now she went bck to M'sia oready...tdy she packed all her stuff inside her largage n my dad send her to de airport..so brave ho..she was all alone...wow!...i hope she ok lo...coz there got bad people lik burglars..wah...saw her walking to de plane..i almost cried..coz when she left..nobody..i all alone..sadness..haiz...well..i think she half way in de ocean oready...tml she would be there..n Karmern will talk chitty chat wif her...
PS: actually i duno wat present i'm going to buy for Karmern..girl present is very expensive..hoho..n her birthday is same as my mom birthday aswell...
well bb..

Saturday, March 15, 2008 @ 11:09 PM

Wat a very bad day
Tdy..i got a soccer tournament to play..i was so happy i can made de A team..i was so nervous..n woke up so early..then reached to skul..my stupid frens told me go to B team..jz becoz my famous soccer fren came n took over my place..WTF! de coach told me i'm in de A team..u cant jz put people in de B team..i hate them so much!...jz becoz i'm not a good soccer player not jz becoz i cant play...WAT KIND OF FRENS R U GUYS!?! then de tournament started n coach dun let me play 1st then 2nd half then i can play..then after another game of 2nd half..WTF! (again) de coach told me to fake injured then he can sub me...I OSO HATE HIM! i usually trust him n believe him n lik him...but tis time he make me dun lik him.. anymore..then i ask him y cant i play..then he said the team is so important n u play no good...i was so sad..i noe my dream is over..i almost cry..well i usually dun cry but i didnt..i noe de team is more important..but he oso need to think of my life..i waited for soo loong n i didnt play..got 6 matches but i oni play lik 1/4 game oni...T_____T..my frens oso didnt play so well but he still let him play..!!!!WAT GOING ON!....n then thursday tat time, i left my shoes n my Adidas shirt..he took it n left de shoes for me but not de shirt..cant believe it!..about de tournament..we lost in de Semi Final with 2-0 against a good team..well i think we lost jz becoz de players is too tired..i got energy n he didnt let me...WHAT KIND OF SKUL IS TIS!..people paid money here is not to bully people leh...i've been bullied in every skul...WAT GOING ON!..my life is mireseble..i wan to kill myself..!!!!!!! coz i noe my life oso dying!!! SADNESS! T_________________________________T
well i guess is de worst day of my life..
i will write again next time..

Sunday, March 9, 2008 @ 8:51 PM

The Man!
Wah!.. soo loong didnt write blog jor..is lik more than a week..k..finally got time to write blog..haiz..k..bout tis guy de best man...he ar..de best teacher....his from New Jersey..from college1...havent diploma..he came here to teach us Social Studies..for training to become a teacher...young guy..haha
haiz...he left us Friday tat time...he stayed here for 7 weeks...wow! tats long.....
not bad la..his teaching not bad at all..lik to joke everytime..haha..funny man..his a good student n a hard working teacher...wah..when he wan to left tat time..everybody chased him not to goo..haha.. so sad..i think he oready reached jor..sadness..time flies soo freaking fast!

look at his mouth n de crocodlie
look at him..being cool..dang!
Yea..his peting the lion cub...how sweet

My class photo..

the crazy photo!

Well i guess is de last time i see him oready..sadness..haiZ..