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I'm fully 17 years old!!! YAY! Well, 17 and a half. Trying to get himself straight. :D Wanna learn to drive this year :D Want to pass my SC!!! 3 credits! :D


I always Love LiverpoolFC
I'm a real big crazy football fan. Don't get me wrong :D



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All by M3 hard work..lol Hey Don't PLay PLay

Thursday, January 29, 2009 @ 5:46 PM

It's over! All over!
CNY is going to be over!
Just came back from Kedah today
4 days 3 nights.
sadness..so short only.
I feel like going back AGAIN!
This is what I do in Kedah..
So we gamble also. lol very small only not like the crazy people in casino. -.-''

I just bet RM2 or 3 only. Not big. <3>

My relatives all bet together lol
So fun after 3 years
It was small place and we have to squeeze together.

Well..we suppose to play mahjong
but we didn't.

Went to whatever mall it is..
Bought a whole bunch of tickets for relatives.
What a long ticket.

We saw all well, ends well. “家有喜事”

Its a stupid show but its nice and funny.^^



Christopher Lee and Fann Wong.

The two couples are married soon and they are acting a movie also related to their marriage.
So cool!
I think 大喜事 is still the best cos its better manner than 家有喜事.
And a better story.
家有喜事 is for CNY comedy and 大喜事 is a romantic comedy.

And Now I'm going to be sick for all this nonsense from my school.
School already started on Wednesday and I skipped 2 days of school.
And I'm going back tomorrow. T.T
I'm Year 9 right now.
Need support!
The teachers changed my class and all the schedule mixed up.
So stupid -.-
好好一可教室和好朋友,老师都要分开我们。T。T 是不是人来的大们!!!
Wish me luck tomorrow.

End of Post


Sunday, January 25, 2009 @ 7:16 PM
Chinese New Year Everyone! :D

Wow..So happy that I can finally celebrate Chinese New Year in Malaysia AGAIN!
For after 2 years in SA left without any celebration and ang pao..
And now I'm getting for tomorrow.
MAyb -.-
I'm going to wear RED for tomorrow ^^
Like we usually do every CNY.
And I'm going Kedah tomorrow and can meet KM. :D
I wonders how much Ang Pao am I getting for tomorrow?
I need more! I wan MORE! h3h3
I remember those days in SA..M3 and family just went to nice hotel to celebrate and called our relatives to say Chinese New Year!
So sad T.T
I always wanted to go back early to celebrate and gambling :D :D
and here I am right now. LOL
sitting down here and write :D :D :D

anyway..I'm here to wish U all Chinese New Year! Welcome to 2009 CNY!

End of Post

Friday, January 23, 2009 @ 7:53 PM
Chinese New Year is Comin

Wow..Tomorrow LKM is going back to Kampung in Kedah (Sungai Pentani)..
Well..she go there early because they have to eat "Tuan yuan fan".
ANd I just stay here till 初一 then go back. Well that is a good thing cos I can stay here to 陪 my mama and ye ye ^^
And every Chinese New Year comes..Its my ye ye birthday.
Actually I don't really know how my ye ye birthday is anyway..
For example: Chinese New Year start in Feb then his birthday is on Feb or Jan then Jan.
Confusing right? lol

Now I'm sick..
First got sore throat and then cough and now SICK! WTF!
So unlucky..I always get sick when CNY is nearby.
anyway..I'm recovering soon and have been doing exercise to get healthy back again :D
And my leg injuries are getting better each day..THX to my MA MA..lol
She helped me everything when i'm injured. :D Thx!

I wish I can get more ang pao than I usually do the last 3 years.
I haven't have ang pao since 3 years already.
Cos I'm still in SA. Only my dad gives m3 and my brother.
Well now..I'm glad I'm finally back to Malaysia.
Can go back to relatives there and gambling..h3h3^^ SHH!!!!
I need ang pao cos I starting losing money.. :(

btw, I started to stop blogging for awhile. Duno..kinda lazy though..
Mayb I'm going to update this old rusty blog for another 2 days before I go to Kedah. lol

And For my team..Next week they have a match on sunday..against their biggest rival.
They drew with them on monday and This time..Ho ho..no more chance for Everton *Rival*
Finger Cross! ^.^

End OF Post

Sunday, January 18, 2009 @ 1:40 PM

Oh..Well, I heard alot of tears and words from SMK friends's bloggers.
Vivian LEFT?
I didn't really know her though.
But I talked to her once or twice before.
WOw..Alot of people like her. lol
And she is Math number 1 students.
But I don't understand she left.
Well..this is my word for SMK friends:
She is a top student in yr class but have to stop thinking about her leaving.
Just like Joshtan said: "She is still in this world" :D
No need to have tears over yr face.
Just like Wei Wei left SMK.
Can talk to her through phone or facebook or friendster. :D

End OF Post

Monday, January 12, 2009 @ 10:14 PM

Hello everyone..Its so good to be back to KL.
Its his birthday today..kinda fast..After Joshtan then now Kritz..lol
Birthday Graphics
So Happy Birthday dude.

Continue my story..lol
I went to Genting 4 days ago and its was freezing up there -.-
14 Celsius.
Its felt like back to SA like that. Very cold. Have to wear jacket.
I havent been to Genting since 5 years ago. omg..thats so long ago.
So My dad took this opportunity to go cos U know Dec (Holiday) got alot of ppl.So the price of the Hotel very expensive. Oh ya..I stayed in the First World Hotel.

On my way to Genting..going up the hill that time was painful cos the pressure that u can feel them when u going up to a mountain. But I really like the view, really like SA. ^^

Alright..the first day I reached Genting..
I didnt went theme park cos its was too late to go and doesnt worth.
So we just walked around the whole Genting.


Beautiful Flowers

Anyway..These kind of flowers, U cant find in KL.
These are for cool temperature plant.
U know KL so darn hot. Thats y u cant see any of these flowers.

To win a trip to their football club..I WISH.

So we went to Karaoke for dinner.
It provided Dinner so we went here to eat and sing.

Wow..Very spooky around here..

All fog surrounded the area.

Well..thats m3 and my sis.
And behind is m3 mommy.

The whole places were really covered up by the mist.
Brarely see anything.

So the Hotel also sucked cos Its very small..
I meant..TOO SMALL.

So the next morning..we ate the breakfast and something happened.

very stupid thing..The car park was full of crap and inside the hotel was full of decoration. -.-''
Y cant they repaint the whole car park ?!?
And the most stupid idea was The breakfast was free to everyone and then the restaurant was full of ppl.
One of the section was the lines were full of ppl.
When I tried to take some food, one person so unmoral and pushed me away from the line.
Tried to scold her, but she was just stupid aunty. >(
Tried to respect her thats y I didnt scold her.

After Breakfast..we walked around then our food can digest properly. lol

Btw, Nice backside. Nice Oscar.

Yahoo..btw, she is riding a sweet ride there. lol

GOOD job Energizer.

The theme park is big. Some new activities also.

OK..lets talk about this "Pirates Train"
Its a ridiculous Train I ever seen.
Last time was very good..its a normal hunted place
And now..like shit like that..
Dark like hell..cant see anything inside.
They never repair the light.
I only can hear the pirate voices. -.-
No wonder no one went there.

After the noob Pirate Train..then I played this spinning thingy..haha
I purposely spin hardly..lol

My whole family.

Sis, bro ,m3

1 thing that I dont understand..its already Jan..still got plenty of ppl wondering around in Genting. ??
I think they skipped school. O.O
I sat many times of Roller Coasters. But most of them are not scary enough and thats what I wanted cos U know la..Honestly I'm scared. lol
I hate Cork Screw cos Its a very extremely scary roller coaster. I sat 2 times many years ago..and I had it.
Beside Roller Coaster, I sat many activities. Like the ship thingy
I sat Bumper car alot of times.
The thing that Genting got alot of special theme park but the thing that annoyed me was the whole place was expensive. The shops and restaurants were very expensive.
I wonder how they do their business?

I sat this small car thingy ( I dun know what it is)
Fun..but slow.
My first time though..
Last time I was still young..
so now I can have chance to enjoy it.^^

Then after I sat a small boat with m3 sis..fun!

Pretty big..nice

Wow..this is nice natural plants.
I like it but its disgusting.

This is what again? I forgot..
Kinda like cinema..Action.
Very Boring.

This bumping car was nice..
I like it very much..
I kept riding it non stop..
almost 15th times already. lol

Another Roller Coaster..This wasnt scary at all..haha

Then at night..We ate Pizza Hut..
Its sucked!
Not enough Melted Cheese..and the service wasnt that good anymore..

Then we sat more indoors activities.
Indoor Roller Coaster..Not even scary.

Oh ya..this is a new bridge.

Haiz..so sad..didnt have enough holiday for me..
Need more time in Genting..
Anyway..I'm going to Kedah for Chinese New Year..
More Ang Pao for me..h3h3h3

End of Post