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I'm fully 17 years old!!! YAY! Well, 17 and a half. Trying to get himself straight. :D Wanna learn to drive this year :D Want to pass my SC!!! 3 credits! :D


I always Love LiverpoolFC
I'm a real big crazy football fan. Don't get me wrong :D



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All by M3 hard work..lol Hey Don't PLay PLay

Sunday, January 27, 2008 @ 9:00 PM

Sandton City in SA
Tdy went to Sandton City...in SA...sadness..didnt buy anything but i took pic alot alot of pic...LOL!
actually i'm not allow to take...if i take my phone out...people see it n steel my phone..is kind of blur so i think u can see...lol..

in de entrace...

aiya..de lady is blocking my way..:P..n SALES IS EVERYWHERE!..whooooo..!

actually i wanna to take Nandos..a lady was watching me..WTH...i cant take it...but is blur..

Nelson Mandela!

u see de bird above his head?? Funny isnt it?? wakakakaka...so cool^^

so big n huge as well...damn!

water fountain..n they r playing with de water...lol..

actually is alot of people...they r eating in de restaurant...jz lik europe..sit down n hav a coffee..RELAX!lolxz

Sandton City..

Trumps...we r eating tis restaurant..

so big de menu..cant take porperly...

My Milkshakie...h3h3 LOL!

My dad beef food...big

tats mine...BBQ chicken...

i call de rice...seriously..de rice lik shit..! so hard...no flavour..pff..

aiya...didnt take porperly...my bad..try to take fast..

u see...milion thousand of human being..lik ants lik tat...wakakakaka

is huge..many floor..

de highest floor..

de way to de car park...

my bad...see tat traffic light? got 2 traffic light....de left...is weird?????

well tats all for tdy...mayb i wont write tml...mayb i will write...?

Friday, January 25, 2008 @ 9:45 PM

Sorry KM!
well...now people dun blog because of de skul!...hateness...
1st of all...Kar Mern..i felt srry for her coz 1 of de teacher saw her blog..
the skul try to punish her next week...
how stupid tat is...
jz oni a blog mah...no nid to punish people..:(
i was so shocked!..when i heard tis incident...
if not tat teacher...everything will be fine..
she cant stop crying when she got bck home...>:(
i still dun understand?? tis is a blog...we r suppose to write everything we wanted to...where is de rules say we cant write. TIS IS OUR DIARY!..cant stop us from writing tat..
i think i shouted everything...
for Kar Mern n everybody..Good Luck for tml...de Muo Zi competition. ^^
srry KM..
i will write tml...

@ 9:34 PM

Bad time!
Well didnt blog for a week...bout ytd life...
ytd was raining...duno y tis time always raining...Globel Warming!
ya...i thought no swimming in PE..coz is raining whole day..
My coach told every1 run 12 laps around de car park...
WTF!..is raining..try to make us sick...
n then go to de pool...is so freaking cold!
he say is hot...LAIR!
well..i didnt bring my swimming suit...n tis is de 2nd times i didnt bring..haiz..
he oso didnt warn me...i thought is raining n we should not swim..
so he punished me...haiz..
he CALL my mom!...so embarresss...;;///
luckly my mom didnt scold me...she jz said bring it next time.
all the classes was goood...i lik de new teacher..MR.Osborne...
i didnt get his pic...i'm going to take it...soon..LOL!

Monday, January 21, 2008 @ 3:41 PM

Wah...havent blog since 1 week oready lo...
so bout tdy life...so boring..duno wat to do..oni study at home..haiz..go to skul better..i have holiday tdy...jz for American skul coz tdy is Martin Luther King birthday tdy. Is de King birthday tdy...I HAVE A DREAM!
i saw de video in de skul...so tdy i saw de Youtube again..is lik almost going to cry..T.T
is lik so touch..de speech..
his was murded by who...still duno...haiz....sadness...
so watch tis Youtube..de speech...I HAVE A DREAM!
de whole people saw de speech last time..

Sunday, January 13, 2008 @ 9:51 PM

Going shpping..BORING!
Tdy nothing to write so i write bout going shopping. jz to prove SA shopping mall looks lik..tdy i went with my parent..i still prefer M'sia shopping...coz is more things to buy n nice to shopping with friends..
but here in SA got alot of crime n is dangerous to shop..n de shopping is no good..is boring n is same old syle. ..
tdy went to Pick n Pay in North gate..so far away from my home..we bought some grocery bck...n something etc..

we went to North Gate
so smalll...://Za Dao
inside de CD store...
went inside de shop..so big...tis is Pick n Pay.
de counter


de way to home...
Tml got skul..so haiz..again..

Saturday, January 12, 2008 @ 12:43 AM

Skul life!
Wah! haven been blogging for 5 days..now i write la...tdy in skul ntg much..got social studies, ELL, science, n PE..
in Social studies got 2 projets to do..haiz..n i nid to present 1 of de article from de newspaper..bout Kenya life there...there very cham..sadness..feel sorry for them :(
then ELL ntg much oso..science was interesting..we got experiment.. h3h3
u nvr wan to noe..lolxz..
then PE...is de Best worst..i hav to do excercise..is soooo hard..damn!..i alomost die.. "///
then after upside down then u do push up...is totally insane..everybody lik pengsan..lolxz
then go bck home help my dad to cut grass..my garden is sooo freaking huge..it took 2 hours to finished..:p

is suppose to be lik tis...5 weeks before i go bck to M'sia didnt cut grass..
then became so loong..

My parent is cutting grass...

Then became lik tis...so clean n handsome..XD
Then at night de sky so beautiful...after raining..
i think tats all la..tml got time..then i write...h3h3

Monday, January 7, 2008 @ 10:04 PM

First day of skuling
Today was de first day of skul, it started quater 3 from now...finally i can wear cool cloth again..lolxz
Tdy woke up bout 6.30a.m..bus usually come bout 6.35 or 6.40a.m lik tat..Damn! Rush Rush n rush to be ready..n lucky i ate finish my breakfast after de bus came..haha
is still raining..reached skul met my buddy n new friends..bla bla bla lik tat..
1st got PE..WTF!jz came bck from holiday n run 3 laps (3KM) around de skull...damn..n i still got jetlack..HATENESS...lolxz
2nd got ELL..(English language learner)..do our stuff..talk bout our holiday something lik tat..still boring..
3rd..got science class..very boring oso..but de teacher still funny..wakakaka
4th..Social studies..oso my ELL teacher..not very boring..but i'm almost felt asleep..I'M TOOO TIRED!..ytd came bck form M'sia..my brain still in M'sia...
during de Social Studies class..suddenly de clouds slowly turned black...it was freaking heavy rain..is lik u cant see a things..n oso de whole skul electrik go off n on n off n on...try to concetrate oso canot...
luckly end of de skul de rain is not tat heavy anymore...pff..
tat all..tml write again..h3h3

Sunday, January 6, 2008 @ 4:55 PM

Boring life is coming bck...!
Ytd jz farewell with my family. i cant believe de time runing too fast. last time my family came to SA then go bck to M'sia...now in SA AGAIN..(Sadness)..we arrived in airport..my dad hav to gave de car to a company..duno wat company..n is not my dad car. btw we ate Burger King..Yummy..h3h3..de airport got so few people..is lik completly silent..
Berger King!
So few people eating Beger King..i should say..airport hav no people..lol
In de plane duno wat to do..jz sit on my sit, watch TV or hearing music or jz sleep..n try to be honest...de food stink lik a MANURE! ..Damn!
Now tdy.... 11.00p.m (M'sia time) reached in SA. i was very happy unhappy coz i miss M'sia people. until 5 month then come bck...haiz..
Arrived in airport..scared de security will check on us coz we always bring food to SA..(actually is not allow.)..but luckly no people...XD..
Reached home..everything was dirty n messy...coz 3 weeks didnt clean. unpacked everything...n now here i am..sitting in front at my com..typing..
school start tml..i mean WTH! y so fast..i'm still jacklet...GILA tis skul..i can tell..lolxz
gtg oready...nid to chat wif my sis..lol

Saturday, January 5, 2008 @ 3:51 PM

Farewell M'sia n everybody
Well tdy is my last day in M'sia. (SADNESS)..tdy, i wanna hang out 1..then i change my plan to stay at home n btw is raining so cant go. Ytd jz farewell with my friends n tdy stay at home online de whole day. Later my cousin come to my house...so happy^^..n Km oso. Well gdbye everyone in M'sia..T.T..i miss u all...
btw, tdy is Joshtan birthday...i cant see his birthday cake...T_T..lol
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WELL TATS ALL..BB..Good bye everyone...

Friday, January 4, 2008 @ 9:04 PM

SMK Friends
Tdy my dad want to go Midvalley but i hav to meet my friends..until i told my dad i go 1st then go to SMK to visit my friends..
go to Midvalley cuthair then go bck..i felt disepointed coz my dad is angry coz we jz shop for awal in Midvalley. Went to SMK..i felt so nervous...then i met de bullies expecialist Nigel..he jz saw me then he stop..he looks lik very scard. haha..
i went to de oposite skul restaurant...i met Kritz, Hui Ting, Joshtan n KM. haiz...didnt meet all of them coz i didnt tell them. we talk n laugh..LOL
i think Hui Ting n KM got little GILA..haha..jkjk
haiz...hav to say bb to them coz is my last day in M'sia.
gtg..nid to go to do my stuff right now...

Thursday, January 3, 2008 @ 10:47 PM

My future school (ISKL)
Tdy jz visited my future American school when i come bck to M'sia. 1st, visit my bro skul in british school..i think de school enviroment not really good...its smells. Then after, go to my skul, it look very freaking big..but the place is more smaller than my AISJ school right now. i tried to take pic but de guard warned me. i mean
WTH! y cant i take pic? I saw alot of Korean n very few Malaysian. Very few Taiwaness..haiz..i dun think i can speak Chinese with them. n alot of japaness. all asian but cannot speak chinese. next year i'm coming to tis skul...haiz..

Tis de 1st pic i took before de guard warned me.

isnt it big?

The way home.