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Monday, April 20, 2009 @ 11:28 AM
Australia trip!

Australia "The city of walking" MADNESS~!
They love to walk/run!
Unlike Malaysia, really hot and humid. Nobody dare to come out cos got snatch thief or something.
Well, I went there for a week. Melbourne for 4 days and Sydney for 2 days.
I enjoyed it very much :D
But except for walking. I have been walking nonstop. Walked for so long till i got blister :'-(
I reached there the 8.00pm (Malaysia time) 7 hours flight == really sien.
Australia now almost winter. So they 2 hours faster than us. No winter, is 3 hours.
We followed the tour. Very boring but very interesting. :D
I was so happy cos in Aussie, A lot of Chinese migrate to Aussie. So that I'm not the only UFO around there. In SA, really scary. Everyone were looking at us. Even one of the young girl asked her daddy "What are they?" lol
Interesting, their taxi is yellow (Melbourne) then White (Sydney)
others I dunno. Australia is so big..but they only concentrate on Melbourne and Sydney.
Oh yea..they got tram. Very good transportation :D
You just have to buy the ticket and then you can go for the whole day. lol
Australia and SA are almost alike. The view, beautiful mountains, the sky, the place all so similar. When I was in Aussie, I don't feel like homesick. But when I'm in Malaysia, I'm really want to go back to SA!!
Not going to write so much.
I have been doing this post for a whole day and it made me very lazy to write out all the details. -.-
Some of pictures are rotated. I lazy to rotate it back cos my photobucket got alot of problems.
I got alot of hard work on this post. lol
So here some pictures when i'm in aussie. :D

Almost going to depart.

Burger King! Nice foods.

Reached Aussie,
Saw This
little Malaysia. lol..well, I didn't really went there.

You see there, horses as transportation. So old fashion but i like it. But I really pity the horses. Like slave like that. :(

I think this one is the Victoria court.

Not bad..very big and old.

We took the tour, AAT Kings. Not bad, but some of the drivers were mean though, thats why my parent trying to complain. But some drivers were too friendly :D hahaha

Nice sky eh? haha I love the buildings.

The trees in Aus, aren't that bad, at lease nicer than malaysia's trees. These trees already 100+ years old.

Hey, my dad taking photos.


Australia Flag.

Dunno what kind of bird though, but i know its very nice :D

Oh yeah..This cow, really cool. It stayed still and ate its food. lolol
I squeezed it to make the milk come out. So hard and disgusting though. :-&

This sheep, I'm really sorry. :(
This man showed us how to shave the sheep and how they use the fur to do something.
At the end, i think the sheep cried, It screamed.

kangaroo! Small one. very cute^^ and also my first time seeing it infront of me. :D

We fed every time. Everytime also got tourist come in and out. I think in the future, these all kangaroos will get fat.

Nice ocean. :D

Koala bear. They don't call Koala bear cos they are already a bear. So Koala :D

Wine! But It disgusted me. I actually tried to drink some cos a lot of people love drinking beers and wines. But not me. I can't drink it. I drank some but cannot tahan anymore :-&

Few weeks old.

My parents feeding them! So cute^^

Almost sunset though..on our way to Philip Island to see Penguins.

As I said before, Just like SA.^^

Oh..this Market, really really old.
I think the world oldest market. lol

Alot of things inside. They sale alot of different kind of stuffs. Its clean actually, not like others market.

The tram that I was talking about. Buy the ticket and you just hop in. :Dlol
You can find this everywhere in Melbourne. Every min sure have few trams.
It stop every min.
That what good about Melbourne.
Safety transport.
Tram is like similar to Train. It appear on the road.

My lovely breakfast :D

See that wire up there, It for the tram.

People walking. -.-

Taxi is yellow in Melbourne.

Victoria Uni. nice place :D

This place is nearby the ocean.

The clouds doesn't look so good.

My shadow :D

These all are natural rocks.
It form thousand of years ago..
but some of them melted.

From Nature.
This place is very very super windy. Every sec sure got wind.
Thats why it form out this kind of shape.

This building for office and also for apartment.
If you want to stay here, you have to pay millions of dollars

I went up, not scary at all.

The edge is like..er, dunno how to explain. :D
Something very exciting.

Lego. Nice decoration. :D

The Sydney opera. Wow..I was actually there..lol

Also famous bridge in Sydney.

At night very nice. But i took it so blur. :(

LIVERPOOl! This is not the real Liverpool in England. lol
Hundreds of years ago, the british came to Australia and they named the place Liverpool.
I saw Newcastle. Some others famous places aswell. lol

This animal is not Kangaroo,
is Wallaby! Also look alike Kangaroo.

Plenty of them. Alot of them.

Ok..this is the real kangaroo now. hahaha

This kangaroo got the baby inside her pouch. lol
So cute^^
This kind of kangaroo is small one.

This kangaroo is the normal kangaroo that we seen.
And also the biggest and the ugliest I've ever seen.

Small Penguins.

I love how they swim..so cute.

I'm not sure this is Crocodile or alligator.
I can't see it teeth.

This place call blue mountains.
its really blue though, from far you can see blueish.

Cable car..that can see through down there.

Water from the water fall i think.
Is fresh though and can drink too :D

They are naked!!!! hahaa
I forgot what these statue call but i know is famous. About these 3 sisters got curse by a person.
They are indigenous people in Australia. Almost similar like black people in SA.
But this indigenous is uglier.


End of Post