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I'm fully 17 years old!!! YAY! Well, 17 and a half. Trying to get himself straight. :D Wanna learn to drive this year :D Want to pass my SC!!! 3 credits! :D


I always Love LiverpoolFC
I'm a real big crazy football fan. Don't get me wrong :D



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All by M3 hard work..lol Hey Don't PLay PLay

Monday, September 29, 2008 @ 6:34 PM

My Activities for TDY

Finally My Holiday can begin! After 3 month suffering in school..Finally can have some fun.
OK..So tdy went to Sunway wif 8 friends. COOL!! Well..Tis is wat i do..(Check list)
1st: I duno how to Ice-Skate since i was 5 or 7. FORGOT:p

2nd: I dropped 2 times..pain like sh't! Luckily i wear Jeans. Protect my Knee. But My jeans all wet. lol

They helped me & teach me every move but de weakness for me is i duno how to move front but i noe how to balance oready.h3h3
4th: M3 & Ming Feng went to McD. We chat & chat.

5th: All of us went to bowling..At de end> I'm de Noobpest. Everybody got almost 100 points & i oni have 50 points.

6th: We went to RED BOX but it was all fully book. WTF!

7th: At last! We finally got our decisions. We all played Archery. My hand very pain right now..is a very tough game.

8th: After Archery..is time to say gdbye to every1. Have to see them 2 weeks time.

Forgot to tell every1..S.H.E new albums damn nice!
An Jing is very nice> Jay Chou wrote de song for them..is similiar with his song.

My sis is big fan of them.! I'm kinda like them too..:)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 @ 5:15 PM

My Friday Performance

It took a loong time to do tis..i duno how to..& oso my com oso another noob..damn slow..OMG
I'm uploading my video & de pics..even slow..I WAN TO CHANGE COM!! Is like 7 years oready..
so tis is my performance
on Friday..
I kind of shy showing my move out..but is embarrassing at de end..
not much emotions but I get rid of my scared part..& sing sing sing..
I'm not sure u can hear my voice but i think u can hear every1 voices..
I'm such a noob person..if i do something instead of standing there swung here & there..it can be more interesting.
Btw, KM helped me with de videos..she helped me to maximize de video MB..thx^^

There got 4 videos..tats enough...
1st: Practice 1
2nd: Practice 2
3rd: Singing

光良 - 童话

4th: Fergus playing the violin

Srry Estelle & Tama..i cant upload de video.


We practice b4 de performance started.

Still got bout 5 min..then de performance start.

Tis is de Video..FINALLY can upload..OMG..it took ages to do tat..

Fergus that playing de violin.

De pictures tat Ming Feng & Hin Yaw took.
Not much pictures actually..I forgot to bring my camera there & they oni took some oni..

M3 & Kelly singing & XL playing de piano.

opps..wrong hand

Actually M3, Kelly & Jason.

They oni took us 3 oni..OMG>.so mean.


Kelly & Jason

Monday, September 15, 2008 @ 5:04 PM

Money no Enough
Cry cry cry cry...1st time i cry for tis show in CINEMA!!! OMG!!!..
i use to not crying for any sad show but tis show is too strong..is lik make every1 in de cinema cry for duno how long..
I have to tolerate de pain inside but at de end...I cry several times..
U noe la..usually MEN dun cry so easily..they are very tough
P.s: For Girls: I noe u all think i'm berasan..but its a fact..k3k3k3
wah..every part oso very touching..T____T
Tis show very meaningful & is a true story..
Jake Neo is very good..he can talk bad bout de government..but in M'sia..little bit..DIE..GO TO JAIL!!
K..tats all..
Tml i update de video & de pictures for Friday concert...lol

Where they were broke


Saturday, September 13, 2008 @ 4:05 PM

Ytd Performance

Finally i can sing in front of hundreds ppl ytd..i was dang scared..NERVOUS..i was like swting or too cold..
i sang with 2 of my frenz..Kelly & Jason..
There were 21 contestants in de program..
Not much..
I was trying to shake off de Nervous part when it was our turn..& i sang normally & I DID IT..kelly & Jason was great!!
Every1 was cheering for us..
1 person like crazy..SOL..I'm not sure..LOL
I got a little bit off tones but its fine anyway.
De sad news was..my parent missed my performance.
Sometimes i wonder..if ur parent come to see ur performance..can u perform probably?
I have no decision.

I'm glad de stretch part was over. Then i continue seeing de whole program..
I gotto be honest..EVERY1 was dang good..
Alot of ppl play Piano..dang good.
After de end of de performance..got 1 African guy came & told me i was great..& so as de whole group. Wow..i was surprise..i got tat good meh? I off tone wor..NVM la. I was glad he praise me..k3k3^^
I dun have de pic coz i didnt bring my camera ytd. So i have to ask for de pics from my friend on Mon.
Gtg to see Liverpool Vs. MU..Big game.

Thursday, September 11, 2008 @ 6:33 PM
Oh NO!!!!!

Oh NO!!!!!

OMG..i 'm gonna to die !!!..
Tml is de CONCERT!!!!!OMG!!!
I'm actually singing..
My friend XL..he play & i sing..
Actually not oni me...Kelly oso got precipitated aswell...she company me to sing wif her
But oso DIE..we singing in front of Hundreds of ppl tml...
Last time..i do de speech oready so stretch la..now even worst..
I last minute sign up...
I oready practice alot alot alot of times in school...Duno how stretchful it is.
I almost PENGSAN..I'm too tired..I NID BED!
De noob teacher kept telling me to sing AGAIN & AGAIN..
My voice going off tones everytime whenever i sing high. I'm worried my voice now got any energy to keep up for tml.
I'm going to end here..i nid to practice..
Oh ya...De song is tis..

光良 - 童话

Sunday, September 7, 2008 @ 10:16 PM

DE New House???
MY Gudness..tis hse is de biggest hse i have seen recently..
Well...i cant say ntg..TIS HSE IS WAY BIG..TOO RICH..
U noe la..all M'sia hse is dang expensive..
But tis owner bought tis lot & design it..
Absolutely 15 times RICHER than me..my hse is so small..
if i compare with SA hse..tis is de biggest..
there is 3 hse together..but 1 of them i didnt take it..
3 houses oso got bodyguard..so as de security hse...
Well..they stay in tis area ..nearby my hse..not too near..
is cool everytime i can see it..haha

Tis is de biggest lo..i think is 3 & half stories..OMG.
De hse is not fully finish yet but gonna..

Wah..even de Family name oso wan to expose it..(The Elms) creepy name..jkjkjkjk..lol

I seen inside b4..is like Emporer place..

Their Back yard..OPPS..is a Playground..my bad..

I dun understand y they wan de another small hse????..

Blue sky in M'sia..RARE..!

Gonna Sleep d...nid to go to school tml..HATE..!!

Friday, September 5, 2008 @ 7:05 PM
I cant believe it

I cant believe it

I cant believe tdy...I hate de school so much right now..OMG.,..
well..is kinda mistake by de teacher..
well..my friend gave me a talking note & de teacher saw it..& she confiscated de note..OMG
i noe i'm gonna get in a serious trouble...coz she read it..S'ht..
By de end of de class..she told us to stay by.
she told me

" Tis is a terrible start, i noe u r a new student & u shouldnt do tis kind of terrible stuff"
WTF!!..I jz wrote Hi in tat paper oni..while i was writing..i wasnt even concentrate de note..
& now lik tis..?????OMG

"U shouldnt talk Chinese in tis school with ur friends..Tats RUDE!!.." i mean WTH!?!?!
They r my M'sian friends..We talk Chinese to each others every time..
U cant tell us to speak English so sudden..i think tis is a inappropriate way.

"Well..I give u a chance..if next time i see it again..I'm gonna Photocopy tis & send to ur Parent!! & Meet them."End Of Conversation.

Finally..I got out & i got so mad..
Dang tis noob school.

Monday, September 1, 2008 @ 8:23 PM
Answer IT!

Answer It!
Someone had tagged me...

Friends (Of coz)
Hanging out
Superstar- Singer, Actor/actress, Footballer, Badminton PLayer, & so on
Sports (Soccer, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball)
musics (Infinity)
My ex-dog (Max)

F'''/wtf (I dun say it often)
LOL! (I pronounce it as Lyon)
OMG (I say de alphabet out)
Dang Flamit
Sweet Niblits

Text books (For school) -_-
newspapers (Sports)(world news sometimes^^)
reference books (Ya)
exercises books (Not everytime)
my notebook -.- (Have to copy word) Dumb idea)
Story Book - (Click Here & Bud not Buddy)

Erm...Rap songs..Too many..
English songs (rap, Rock!!!, Normal)
Chinese songs especially tis song(北京欢迎你) De Best!!!

I have adjusted myself in American Life ..
Is not easy to study in international school
Learned playing soccer
Made a lot of new friends
De quote"I have a dream" Martin Luther King
Different human different taste/comment/opinion.
Learned alot of Vocabulary
Almost 2,000 -10,000 Elephant killed by de Dumb bastard people in South Africa..Can u believe? OMG! Poor Elephant
Mercedes was invented by Carl Benz & he named her daughter (Mercedes)