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I'm fully 17 years old!!! YAY! Well, 17 and a half. Trying to get himself straight. :D Wanna learn to drive this year :D Want to pass my SC!!! 3 credits! :D


I always Love LiverpoolFC
I'm a real big crazy football fan. Don't get me wrong :D



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All by M3 hard work..lol Hey Don't PLay PLay

Wednesday, November 7, 2007 @ 1:50 AM

didnt write blog for so long...dun noe wat happen to Malaysia right now...lolxz
i got one more speech to do tml...jz one more...i'm presenting "Tunku Abdul Rahman" is a social studies HW...
Bck to few weeks ago...i got holiween dance...all the middle school dance and dance...my friends dun like the song coz is too si si...WTF! it was perfect...haiz...

tis is the vidoe of the dance...
is very noizy..so focus it...lolxz

Sunday tat time, my family and i celebrated my dad's birthday...his birthday is not on tat day..his going bck to Malaysia and we nid to celebrate...
we went to the "Grill" restaurant...the food was pretty huge...haha

tis is my milkshake...

we ate Shusi, it was the best ever..

tis is my food...

tis is my mom's food...

tis is my dad's food...pretty huge??

tats all i nid to write...hope my speech do well...
i'm annoucing "Medeka" haha
maybe tml i will write again if i got time...