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I'm fully 17 years old!!! YAY! Well, 17 and a half. Trying to get himself straight. :D Wanna learn to drive this year :D Want to pass my SC!!! 3 credits! :D


I always Love LiverpoolFC
I'm a real big crazy football fan. Don't get me wrong :D



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All by M3 hard work..lol Hey Don't PLay PLay

Thursday, February 26, 2009 @ 6:29 PM

I woke up at 4.00am in the early morning and saw Liverpool match.
i know its sound crazy but I'm a crazy football fans. LOL
I forced myself to wake up whenever there are big games.
So today I think I deserve to wake up cos Liverpool defeated Spain Giant Real Madrid.
I thought It will be another draw but Shockley it didn't! :D
I was so happy that Liverpool got away goal..therefore Real Madrid have to score 2 goals more.
Well..alot of people support Real Madrid.
When they heard Liverpool this club..they started to criticized Liverpool which I hate it so much.
In american school, 1 of my Mexican friend kept saying Liverpool sucks! But today..IN YOUR FACE SUCKER! IN YOUR FACE ESTEBAN! lol h3h3h3
Don't You dare say its lucky..its football.
So liverpool won 1-0. Still got another match (2nd leg) against them. At Liverpool place. :D
So here are some pictures during the match..lol

Steven Gerrard the captain of Liverpool (LEGEND)
& Jamie Carragher

Rafa Benitez..the coach of Liverpool

Real Madrid coach in the right

Steven was waiting..cos he got hamstring problem.

Fernando Torres! Also another legend. Top quality striker.

The header comes in....GOAL!! WHAT A HEADER!


Steven finally came out..lol

I can't wait for the next match. Hope they can score more goals. :D

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@ 5:04 PM

So long haven't update my blog
I really really lazy..lol
Guess what..I got a Sony PSP! YES!
Finally over 3 years of wanted.
I have beg my father and he kept ignoring me or say NO to me! :(
well..I got it secretly..lol XD
Can't believe I got it on my hand. lol
YEA I'm onlining at my school. :D
I love it whenever is IST.
IN IST..I always get chances to online at school cos Teacher won't care What I do. :X lol
Not everytime though. Sometimes the teacher want us to do something and I can't online. :X
IST is fun but boring. -.-
I'm still working on my IST project.
Still working on how to design and what to write.
I think the project is due next week. Dunno.
OMG..now these days RAIN NON STOP!
Thunder storm everytime.
Flooded every place.
& Fcking malaysia drain like shit. All block. Made the whole road flooded. =.=
Cost Traffic Jam.

Oh..what to say leh?
Alright..This show Valkyrie was about This German was 1 of the Hitler hater.
He was trying to kill him but it didn't work..so he died from Hitler.
I heard it from my sis yesterday..she saw the show and fell asleep in the cinema. lol
She said it was boring. Got alot of talking.
Well..this story is true life.
Do you guys think is nice?

YEA! Tomorrow is Chinese New Year assembly.
Well..I know Chinese New year over so long d..
but i still dunno why the school celebrate after so long.
Never mind..I got to wear FREE DRESS!
But must be RED, Yellow, Orange.

I'm going to end here..
I'm gonna write tomorrow. lol

End Of Post

Saturday, February 14, 2009 @ 12:31 PM

Today is Valentines DAY! Finally 1 year have already past! 1 year ago..I was in Kruger Park in SA.
Its kinda late to update now cos my sis kept seeing GOL! =.=
OK, The cool thing is that all International schools do celebrate Valentines day.
The society who sponsor valentines, they sale flowers and cards to your secret admire or ur gf/bf.
Actually very expensive that's why I didn't buy this year.
Last year I bought 2 cards. SO EXPENSIVE!
yesterday it was Friday the 13th. Very scary and have a bad day too.
Even though I'm not a Christian, I still believe.
I dislike 13 and 14! ALOT! well..especially the 13th.
Anyway, Yesterday i got valentines card from someone. It didn't write anything on the card, No names, No clue but I think I know who was it. Can't tell LOL
Well, today I didn't really went out today :(
Cos my dad said valentines got alot of people hanging out. Shopping malls all full of people.
So here is the thing..
I wrote this for fun..
I don't have date for my valentine actually but It didn't matter cos I know I'm still young to get one though, so I rather postpone it. :)


Thursday, February 12, 2009 @ 12:14 PM

walao..really didn't update my blog for so long .
Seems like everyone did update their blogs.
Maybe I focus on Plurk too much and thats why I didn't care my blog anymore.
So sorry bloggie. :D
So here is the thing:
I almost ask someone out for valentine, but she had bf already. SO I rather not to ask.
If did, her bf surely kill me upside down. :X
very weird. So I just celebrate valentine myself. :D
Its look like everyone do have fun.
I just staying here do nothing.
I'm not sure why I'm so stress out from all this thingy.
Not homework.
Something is bothering me. -.-
Felt like a very hard feeling.
Felt like the darkness is defeating the lightness.
School no good? All just miss my adventure with everyone? That is the question.
Maybe I'm just messed up. :(
Think so much!

Monday, February 9, 2009 @ 9:36 PM

wow..its had been so long that I don't even care about my blog. lol
so tdy I update since is already so rusty. lol
anyway..3 days ago i went to Pavilion with friends. And I have to apologize to KM cos I didn't attend her bro birthday party.
OK, I went there with my parent 10PM and we saw a movie (Pink Panther 2)

Very funny show but very normal story..I think Pink Panther 1 better.
OK..when my parent left Pavilion, my friends came and I took them to sungai wang for awhile.
When we came back..just before I step a footstep then a motorcycle came by and snatch a women handbag. O.O
I didn't notice the first time..the traffic was already red color and everyone were crossing the road and then suddenly a motorcycle with 2 people on it just rushed into the crowd and snatched the lady handbag. The lady fell horribly, her shoes came off and she cried. :MY BAG! HELP! *Cried horribly*
everyone was watching like this O.O like what was going on??
I can't really see the 2 people cos it was so sudden and they were wearing helmet.
I don't know how they aim for this women handbag. I saw she is a rich people with a very expensive handbag.. :X
They just ran into the crowd and everyone were screaming..
so dangerous and luckily no one gets hurt except for the lady.
her leg was bleeding cos she fell on the road and got dragged a little.
I felt sad..so as my friends. :(
If I were there..i would push the person who drove the motor and hold him tied! LOL
anyway..i know its impossible to do that..I would get hurt. :X
Then after I kept thinking of that incident..cannot even come of from my otak. WORST NIGHTMARE!
Then after I went to my friend house..
Cant upload pic..Cos I scared she will scold. :X
thats all I'm gonna say for this post and This Saturday its gonna be Valentines for this week.
YEA! Who will be my valentine? mystery. h3h3 lol :D

End Of Post

Sunday, February 1, 2009 @ 10:36 AM
During CNY year

welcome to my new pictures again.
KM teaches me how to upgrade into a better picture quality. lol
well..its kinda big for me to see..
but clearer.
anyway..these pictures were from Kedah during Chinese New Year. *Down There*
My relatives stayed there.
It really made me wanna stay there forever! I want that kind of LIFE!

But at first! Let me show you what I have bought TODAY!
The two football stars toy!
from Maxis.
Cool right?
I found alot of place d and all they say is no, out of stock, didn't arrive -.-
Then I finally found this Steven G! (The left with spiky hair)

Torres and Gerrard
Cool post.

There are more but I think its too late to buy cos they only up to Jan.

OK..now is my CNY pictures.

OMG! Is a solar eclipse!
You can see it very rarely but its good experience but its bad for our health.
You will get blind if you see with your naked eyes.
According to Chinese legend : If you see a solar eclipse, you will get bad luck :X
I actually dunno..

My cousin bought this eclipse shades to see..although he didn't see, he just took a picture.

The real is like this. Pretty bright :/

And then we went to Manhattan fish market. The whole family there to Sunway Carnival.
Pretty nice place and almost exactly like the sunway in Puchong.

This is my cousins. Beside me and KM and Sam...LOL
Whole family went to Karaoke. In Cinta Sayang.

Well..we took really weird photos. LOL -.-

And these all are my cousins.

M3 whole relatives.
Look at how big is the room is.

I'm there..singing outloud.

KM's dad and me. He was trying to chuan me on singing -.- lol

stupid look== RAWR!

m3 & KM

We came out again cos it was getting bored to sing and better still take picture.

End Of Post